Alternative Health Care for Pregnancy.


Reiki Couple with their baby

Máximo Uriel Cutri
was born on December 31, 2006,
with his parents Lorena Ferrari Reiki Master
and Pablo Cutri. Picture taken at
Italian Hospital on January 1º, 2007.

Reiki can be very beneficial to the expectant mother and the unborn child both during pregnancy and birth. Receiving Reiki can be a delightful experience to the new baby growing inside its mother’s womb. Since the beginning of pregnancy, Reiki helps to reduce nausea and relieve overall pain, which enables the mother to feel relaxed and enhances a healthy development of the baby. By practicing Reiki, the expectant mother may experience a sense of peace and well-being that is achieved through the baby’s movements in her womb. Reiki also enables the father to share the fascinating experience of communicating with the baby. Moreover, during birth, Reiki soothes the parents and lessens labor pains.

Maximiliano Uriel Cutri

Máximo Uriel Cutri.
Picture taken on
September 30, 2007.

In general, a newborn baby can receive 10-minute sessions, which may be increased to 15-20 minutes at the age of 2 and to 30 minutes at the age of 10. Reiki may also bring remarkable benefits to children requiring long-term treatment. A baby whose parents are Reiki practitioners can receive sessions at home, which strengthens the trust and love bond among them. Reiki has been proven particularly beneficial to sleepless babies, who stop crying and fall asleep much more easily. A shared experience of love and tenderness between parents and children enables all family members to grow healthily and improve their life quality.

Kids can learn Reiki at the early age of 9, which makes them more responsible, helping them to react more swiftly to daily difficulties and increasing their willingness to collaborate with their parents in a family environment that cultivates love as a standpoint to a healthy life. Reiki is known to be beneficial to everyone. All of us can learn and receive proper training to practice and apply it on ourselves, our family, or other human beings. Let allow Reiki to flow into our homes. We are important. We deserve to live Reiki fully and live a peaceful life without resentment. Let's live in love with Reiki around us! Let's us all share the love inside us with our community and the whole world. Let's us all live in peace and harmony with all the creatures that inhabit this beautiful Planet Earth.

Lorena Ferrari Reiki Master and family

Máximo Uriel Cutri with his parents, his uncle and grandmother.
Picture taken at Italian Hospital on January 1º, 2007.