Reiki as a Complement of Tradicional Medicine.


Love is a key element of healing, and of human life. It helps us find our way. If it is blocked, the strength of life is also blocked, with inevitable consequences to our body. We are, then, called to live in love, sharing the experience of working together to achieve this aim.

We are challenged to increase our capacity to give and receive love in the understanding that this will help ourselves and others alike.

Healing lies in our inner self. Certain diseases are caused by inadequate feeding, though actually, their real origin can be traced to emotional problems. Compulsive eating patterns can lead to stomach disorders, circulation problems, or articulation pains due to overweight. Mediation helps us find our inner self, and a healthy diet normalizes our body weight. Self-knowledge and self-acceptance helps us find our way in life.

Reiki is a complement and not a substitute of conventional medicine. It can definitely help us find the solution to our problems.

Reiki is helpful in fighting stress, addiction, phobias, lack of concentration, panic attacks, sexual problems, headaches, articulation pains, memory deficit, sleep disorders, hair loss, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, anemia, migraine, high pressure, angina, allergy (hypersensitivity), bronchitis, influenza, cholesterol, colitis, flatulence, halitosis, stomach or peptic ulcer, diabetes, hypoglycemia, acne, aphta, psoriasis, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia (indigestion), toothache, temporomandibular articulation syndrome, sterility, micotic infections (genital candidiasis), menopause, menstrual problems, fibrocystic uterus, cystitis and uretritis, urinary incontinence, bladder problems, immunodeficiencies, autoimmune disorders, cramps, gout, and hepatitis, among others.

Healing lies in our inner self.

Healing lies in our inner self.