Alternative therapies for pets care.


Reiki can be apply on animals

Reiki can be apply on animals.

Animals deserve our tenderness and protection. Every kind of animal is part of the Creation.

At a first level of Reiki or higher, we are enabled to practice Reiki on animals with our hands, as we do on human beings. In order to help our pets we just need to learn the Reiki Usui method and apply it with true intention to heal their pains.

The duration of the treatment may vary considerably, as once the animal has received the necessary universal vital energy it will regain motion and move away, or otherwise fall into deep sleep. Our pets enlighten us with their affection and we should nurture them by showing them all our love. This is simply about giving and receiving love.

Without replacing proper medical assistance, we can help our pet undergo any treatment with the Reiki our hands can provide them. Your pet will guide you and show you exactly the point where it needs it.

Lorena Ferrari applying Reiki on Cintia

Lorena Ferrari Reiki Master
applying Reiki on Cintia.