Find your Inner Peace. Meditation.


The Reiki Usui Method has proved effective. Universal energy is transmitted from person to person, as well as to plants, animals, and the whole Earth. In fact, this energy reaches each and every living or inanimate thing.

Besides, Reiki is a path to self-realization, to inner enlightenment. The secret lies in meditation, understanding, and comprehension.

When a person is angry or concerned, the key is using meditation to find the real cause of this negative feeling. Our lives are full of great and small things. Gratitude allows us to feel confident, and to succeed in life.

Spiritual growth requires hard work on us ourselves. This implies following a tough path towards a Supreme Being, whatever it means to each of us. Only in this way will we walk our way to light.

Offering others our love and joy, our smiles, our arms and support clears our way to the light.

The Universe is full of energy. Reiki energy flows around us, balancing our emotions, our body, and our spiritual life. It helps us get rid of daily routine, allowing us to relax, to harmonize places, and to achieve our goals.

Reiki is transmitted in many different ways, though mainly through the hands.

Our body and soul needs us to embrace healthy habits. We must let our feelings flow freely. We are called to open our hearts to divine energy; everybody can do that. Everybody can practice Reiki, whichever their religious beliefs.

Reiki requires the tuition of a master, who teaches us to use the energy inside us and other living or inanimate things.

Furthermore, Reiki can contribute with world peace. But we first need to achieve our own inner peace. The effort is well worth; just think of all the creatures that inhabit this wonderful planet Earth.

Reiki can benefit us all. By incorporating Reiki to our lives we will share love with the world. Letís walk together towards the light, letís become participants. The world needs us all joined.

Peace, Love and Harmony in Hyakuten Inamoto calligraphy

From right to left: Peace, Love and Harmony in
Hyakuten Inamoto calligraphy.